MuseScore Plugins  3.5
Plugins API for MuseScore
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NPluginAPIContains items exposed to the QML plugins framework
 CChannelProvides an access to channel properties
 CCursorCursor can be used by plugins to manipulate the score
 CEnumWrapper for enumerations
 CFileIOProvides a simple API to perform file reading and writing operations
 CFractionWrapperFraction object available to QML plugins
 CMsProcessStart an external program. Available in QML as QProcess
 CMStyleProvides an access to score style settings
 CPluginAPIMain class of the plugins framework. Named as MuseScore in QML
 CQmlListAccessQML access to containers
 CScoreElementBase class for most of object wrappers exposed to QML
 CScoreViewThis is an GUI element to show a score
 CTieProvides access to internal Ms::Tie objects
 CLayoutBreakSymbols for line break, page break etc
 CNoteGraphic representation of a note