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Note Class Referencefinal

Graphic representation of a note. More...

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Public Types

enum  ValueType : char { OFFSET_VAL, USER_VAL }

Public Member Functions

 Note (Score *s=0)
 Note (const Note &, bool link=false)
Noteoperator= (const Note &)=delete
virtual Noteclone () const override
ElementType type () const override
void undoUnlink () override
qreal mag () const override
void layout () override
void layout2 ()
void setCachedNoteheadSym (SymId i)
void scanElements (void *data, void(*func)(void *, Element *), bool all=true) override
void setTrack (int val) override
int playTicks () const
Fraction playTicksFraction () const
qreal headWidth () const
qreal headHeight () const
qreal tabHeadWidth (const StaffType *tab=0) const
qreal tabHeadHeight (const StaffType *tab=0) const
QPointF stemDownNW () const
QPointF stemUpSE () const
qreal bboxXShift () const
qreal noteheadCenterX () const
qreal bboxRightPos () const
qreal headBodyWidth () const
NoteHead::Scheme headScheme () const
NoteHead::Group headGroup () const
NoteHead::Type headType () const
void setHeadScheme (NoteHead::Scheme val)
void setHeadGroup (NoteHead::Group val)
void setHeadType (NoteHead::Type t)
int subtype () const override
QString subtypeName () const override
void setPitch (int val)
void setPitch (int pitch, int tpc1, int tpc2)
int pitch () const
int ottaveCapoFret () const
int ppitch () const
 playback pitch
int epitch () const
 effective pitch
qreal tuning () const
void setTuning (qreal v)
void undoSetTpc (int v)
int transposition () const
bool fixed () const
void setFixed (bool v)
int fixedLine () const
void setFixedLine (int v)
int tpc () const
int tpc1 () const
int tpc2 () const
QString tpcUserName (bool explicitAccidental=false) const
void setTpc (int v)
void setTpc1 (int v)
void setTpc2 (int v)
void setTpcFromPitch ()
int tpc1default (int pitch) const
int tpc2default (int pitch) const
int transposeTpc (int tpc)
Accidental * accidental () const
void setAccidental (Accidental *a)
AccidentalType accidentalType () const
void setAccidentalType (AccidentalType type)
int line () const
void setLine (int n)
int physicalLine () const
int fret () const
void setFret (int val)
int string () const
void setString (int val)
bool ghost () const
void setGhost (bool val)
bool fretConflict () const
void setFretConflict (bool val)
void add (Element *) override
void remove (Element *) override
bool mirror () const
void setMirror (bool val)
bool small () const
void setSmall (bool val)
bool play () const
void setPlay (bool val)
Ms::Tie * tieFor () const
Ms::Tie * tieBack () const
void setTieFor (Tie *t)
void setTieBack (Tie *t)
NotefirstTiedNote () const
const NotelastTiedNote () const
NotelastTiedNote ()
int unisonIndex () const
void disconnectTiedNotes ()
void connectTiedNotes ()
Chord * chord () const
void setChord (Chord *a)
void draw (QPainter *) const override
void read (XmlReader &) override
bool readProperties (XmlReader &) override
void readAddConnector (ConnectorInfoReader *info, bool pasteMode) override
void write (XmlWriter &) const override
bool acceptDrop (EditData &) const override
Element * drop (EditData &) override
bool hidden () const
void setHidden (bool val)
bool dotsHidden () const
void setDotsHidden (bool val)
NoteType noteType () const
QString noteTypeUserName () const
ElementList & el ()
const ElementList & el () const
int subchannel () const
void setSubchannel (int val)
MScore::DirectionH userMirror () const
void setUserMirror (MScore::DirectionH d)
Direction userDotPosition () const
void setUserDotPosition (Direction d)
bool dotIsUp () const
void reset () override
ValueType veloType () const
void setVeloType (ValueType v)
int veloOffset () const
void setVeloOffset (int v)
void setOnTimeOffset (int v)
void setOffTimeOffset (int v)
int customizeVelocity (int velo) const
NoteDot * dot (int n)
const QVector< NoteDot * > & dots () const
QVector< NoteDot * > & dots ()
int qmlDotsCount ()
void updateAccidental (AccidentalState *)
void updateLine ()
void setNval (const NoteVal &, Fraction={ -1, 1})
NoteEventList & playEvents ()
const NoteEventList & playEvents () const
NoteEvent * noteEvent (int idx)
void setPlayEvents (const NoteEventList &l)
const QVector< Spanner * > & spannerFor () const
const QVector< Spanner * > & spannerBack () const
void addSpannerBack (Spanner *e)
bool removeSpannerBack (Spanner *e)
void addSpannerFor (Spanner *e)
bool removeSpannerFor (Spanner *e)
void transposeDiatonic (int interval, bool keepAlterations, bool useDoubleAccidentals)
void localSpatiumChanged (qreal oldValue, qreal newValue) override
QVariant getProperty (Pid propertyId) const override
bool setProperty (Pid propertyId, const QVariant &) override
void undoChangeDotsVisible (bool v)
QVariant propertyDefault (Pid) const override
QString propertyUserValue (Pid) const override
bool mark () const
void setMark (bool v) const
void setScore (Score *s) override
void setDotY (Direction)
void addParentheses ()
NoteVal noteVal () const
Element * nextInEl (Element *e)
Element * prevInEl (Element *e)
Element * nextElement () override
Element * prevElement () override
virtual Element * lastElementBeforeSegment ()
Element * nextSegmentElement () override
Element * prevSegmentElement () override
QString accessibleInfo () const override
QString screenReaderInfo () const override
QString accessibleExtraInfo () const override
Shape shape () const override
std::vector< Note * > tiedNotes () const
void setOffTimeType (int v)
void setOnTimeType (int v)
int offTimeType () const
int onTimeType () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SymId noteHead (int direction, NoteHead::Group, NoteHead::Type, int tpc, Key key, NoteHead::Scheme scheme)
static SymId noteHead (int direction, NoteHead::Group, NoteHead::Type)

Detailed Description

Graphic representation of a note.

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