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Tuplet Class Reference
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QVariant numberType
QVariant bracketType
int actualNotes
 Actual number of notes of base nominal length in this tuplet. More...
int normalNotes
 Number of "normal" notes of base nominal length which correspond to this tuplet's duration.
QVariant p1
QVariant p2
QQmlListProperty< Ms::PluginAPI::Elementelements
 List of elements which belong to this tuplet. More...
- Properties inherited from DurationElement
QVariant duration
 Nominal duration of this element. More...
Ms::PluginAPI::FractionWrapper globalDuration
 Global duration of this element, taking into account ratio of parent tuplets if there are any. More...
Ms::PluginAPI::FractionWrapper actualDuration
 Actual duration of this element, taking into account ratio of parent tuplets and local time signatures if there are any. More...
Ms::PluginAPI::Tuplet tuplet
 Tuplet which this element belongs to. More...
- Properties inherited from Element
Ms::PluginAPI::Element parent
 Parent element for this element. More...
Ms::PluginAPI::Staff staff
 Staff which this element belongs to. More...
qreal offsetX
 X-axis offset from a reference position in spatium units. More...
qreal offsetY
 Y-axis offset from a reference position in spatium units. More...
qreal posX
 Reference position of this element relative to its parent element. More...
qreal posY
 Reference position of this element relative to its parent element. More...
QPointF pagePos
 Position of this element in page coordinates, in spatium units. More...
QRectF bbox
 Bounding box of this element. More...
QVariant subtype
bool selected
bool generated
QColor color
 Element color. More...
bool visible
int z
 Stacking order of this element.
QVariant small
QVariant showCourtesy
QVariant lineType
QVariant line
QVariant fixed
QVariant fixedLine
QVariant headType
 Notehead type, one of PluginAPI::PluginAPI::NoteHeadType values.
QVariant headScheme
 Notehead scheme, one of PluginAPI::PluginAPI::NoteHeadScheme values. More...
QVariant headGroup
 Notehead group, one of PluginAPI::PluginAPI::NoteHeadGroup values.
QVariant articulationAnchor
QVariant direction
QVariant stemDirection
QVariant noStem
QVariant slurDirection
QVariant leadingSpace
QVariant distribute
QVariant mirrorHead
QVariant dotPosition
QVariant tuning
QVariant pause
QVariant barlineType
QVariant barlineSpan
QVariant barlineSpanFrom
QVariant barlineSpanTo
QPointF offset
 Offset from a reference position in spatium units. More...
QVariant fret
QVariant string
QVariant ghost
QVariant play
QVariant timesigNominal
QVariant timesigActual
QVariant growLeft
QVariant growRight
QVariant boxHeight
QVariant boxWidth
QVariant topGap
QVariant bottomGap
QVariant leftMargin
QVariant rightMargin
QVariant topMargin
QVariant bottomMargin
QVariant layoutBreakType
QVariant autoscale
QVariant size
QVariant scale
QVariant lockAspectRatio
QVariant sizeIsSpatium
QVariant text
QVariant beamPos
QVariant beamMode
QVariant beamNoSlope
QVariant userLen
QVariant space
 For spacers: amount of space between staves. More...
QVariant tempo
QVariant tempoFollowText
QVariant accidentalBracket
QVariant numeratorString
QVariant denominatorString
QVariant fbprefix
QVariant fbdigit
QVariant fbsuffix
QVariant fbcontinuationline
QVariant ottavaType
QVariant numbersOnly
QVariant trillType
QVariant vibratoType
QVariant hairpinCircledTip
QVariant hairpinType
QVariant hairpinHeight
QVariant hairpinContHeight
QVariant veloChange
QVariant singleNoteDynamics
QVariant veloChangeMethod
QVariant veloChangeSpeed
QVariant dynamicRange
QVariant changeMethod
 The way a ramp interpolates between values. More...
QVariant placement
QVariant velocity
QVariant jumpTo
QVariant playUntil
QVariant continueAt
QVariant label
QVariant markerType
QVariant arpUserLen1
QVariant arpUserLen2
QVariant measureNumberMode
QVariant glissType
QVariant glissText
QVariant glissShowText
QVariant diagonal
QVariant groups
QVariant lineStyle
QVariant lineColor
QVariant lineWidth
QVariant lassoPos
QVariant lassoSize
QVariant timeStretch
QVariant ornamentStyle
QVariant timesig
QVariant timesigGlobal
QVariant timesigStretch
QVariant timesigType
QVariant spannerTick
QVariant spannerTicks
QVariant spannerTrack2
QVariant userOff2
QVariant breakMmr
QVariant repeatCount
QVariant userStretch
QVariant noOffset
QVariant irregular
QVariant anchor
QVariant slurUoff1
QVariant slurUoff2
QVariant slurUoff3
QVariant slurUoff4
QVariant staffMove
QVariant verse
QVariant syllabic
QVariant lyricTicks
QVariant volta_ending
QVariant lineVisible
QVariant mag
QVariant useDrumset
QVariant durationType
QVariant role
int track
QVariant glissandoStyle
QVariant fretStrings
QVariant fretFrets
QVariant fretOffset
QVariant fretNumPos
QVariant systemBracket
QVariant gap
bool autoplace
 Whether this element participates in autoplacement.
QVariant dashLineLen
QVariant dashGapLen
QVariant symbol
 Symbol ID of this element (if approproate), one of PluginAPI::PluginAPI::SymId values.
QVariant playRepeats
QVariant createSystemHeader
QVariant staffLines
QVariant lineDistance
QVariant stepOffset
QVariant staffShowBarlines
QVariant staffShowLedgerlines
QVariant staffStemless
QVariant staffGenClef
QVariant staffGenTimesig
QVariant staffGenKeysig
QVariant staffYoffset
QVariant bracketSpan
QVariant bracketColumn
QVariant inameLayoutPosition
QVariant subStyle
QVariant fontFace
QVariant fontSize
QVariant fontStyle
QVariant frameType
QVariant frameWidth
QVariant framePadding
QVariant frameRound
QVariant frameFgColor
QVariant frameBgColor
QVariant sizeSpatiumDependent
QVariant align
QVariant systemFlag
QVariant beginText
QVariant beginTextAlign
QVariant beginTextPlace
QVariant beginHookType
QVariant beginHookHeight
QVariant beginFontFace
QVariant beginFontSize
QVariant beginFontStyle
QVariant beginTextOffset
QVariant continueText
QVariant continueTextAlign
QVariant continueTextPlace
QVariant continueFontFace
QVariant continueFontSize
QVariant continueFontStyle
QVariant continueTextOffset
QVariant endText
QVariant endTextAlign
QVariant endTextPlace
QVariant endHookType
QVariant endHookHeight
QVariant endFontFace
QVariant endFontSize
QVariant endFontStyle
QVariant endTextOffset
QVariant posAbove
int voice
QVariant position
QVariant harmonyType
 For chord symbols, chord symbol type, one of PluginAPI::PluginAPI::HarmonyType values. More...
- Properties inherited from ScoreElement
int type
 Type of this element. More...
QString name
 Name of this element's type, not localized. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Element
Q_INVOKABLE Ms::PluginAPI::Elementclone () const
 Create a copy of the element.
Q_INVOKABLE QString subtypeName () const
Q_INVOKABLE QString _name () const
 Deprecated: same as ScoreElement::name. Left for compatibility purposes.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScoreElement
Q_INVOKABLE QString userName () const
 Human-readable element type name. More...
Q_INVOKABLE bool is (Ms::PluginAPI::ScoreElement *other)
 Checks whether two variables represent the same object. More...

Property Documentation

◆ actualNotes

int actualNotes

Actual number of notes of base nominal length in this tuplet.

◆ elements

QQmlListProperty<Ms::PluginAPI::Element> elements

List of elements which belong to this tuplet.

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