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FileIO Class Reference

Provides a simple API to perform file reading and writing operations. More...

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void error (const QString &msg)
 Emitted on file operations errors. More...

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE QString read ()
 Reads file contents and returns a string. More...
Q_INVOKABLE bool exists ()
 Returns true if the file exists.
Q_INVOKABLE bool write (const QString &data)
 Writes a string to the file. More...
Q_INVOKABLE bool remove ()
 Removes the file.
Q_INVOKABLE QString homePath ()
 Returns user's home directory.
Q_INVOKABLE QString tempPath ()
 Returns a path suitable for a temporary file.
Q_INVOKABLE int modifiedTime ()
 Returns the file's last modification time.


QString source
 Path to the file which is operated on.

Detailed Description

Provides a simple API to perform file reading and writing operations.

To use this class in a plugin put

import FileIO 3.0

to the top part of the .qml plugin file. After that FileIO object can be declared and used in QML code:

import MuseScore 3.0
import FileIO 3.0
MuseScore {
FileIO {
id: exampleFile
source: "/tmp/example.txt"
onRun: {
var test =;
console.log(test); // will print the file content

Member Function Documentation

◆ error

void error ( const QString &  msg)

Emitted on file operations errors.

Implement onError() in your FileIO object to handle this signal.

msgA short textual description of the error occurred.

◆ read()

QString read ( )

Reads file contents and returns a string.

In case error occurs, error() signal is emitted and an empty string is returned.

◆ write()

bool write ( const QString &  data)

Writes a string to the file.

This function overwrites all the contents of the file pointed by FileIO::source so it becomes lost.
true if an operation finished successfully.

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