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Lyrics Class Referencefinal
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Public Types

enum  Syllabic : char { SINGLE, BEGIN, END, MIDDLE }

Public Member Functions

 Lyrics (Score *=0)
 Lyrics (const Lyrics &)
Lyricsclone () const override
ElementType type () const override
void scanElements (void *data, void(*func)(void *, Element *), bool all=true) override
bool acceptDrop (EditData &) const override
Element * drop (EditData &) override
Segment * segment () const
Measure * measure () const
ChordRestchordRest () const
void layout () override
void layout2 (int)
void write (XmlWriter &xml) const override
void read (XmlReader &) override
bool readProperties (XmlReader &) override
int subtype () const override
QString subtypeName () const override
void setNo (int n)
int no () const
bool isEven () const
void setSyllabic (Syllabic s)
Syllabic syllabic () const
void add (Element *) override
void remove (Element *) override
void endEdit (EditData &) override
Fraction ticks () const
void setTicks (const Fraction &tick)
Fraction endTick () const
void removeFromScore ()
void paste (EditData &) override
QVariant getProperty (Pid propertyId) const override
bool setProperty (Pid propertyId, const QVariant &) override
QVariant propertyDefault (Pid id) const override

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr int TEMP_MELISMA_TICKS = 1

Protected Attributes

int _no
 row index
bool _even

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Syllabic

enum Syllabic : char

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